The Grave Of Einzvach -Acoustic version-

by Lost in the Fog

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 「The Grave Of Einzvach」 is included in our 1st mini album 「The Grave Of Einzvach」.

You can download 「The Grave Of Einzvach Acoustic 」 free from the links below (Zip file : WAV&MP3 file, Lyric).


打ち明けられたなら この場所へもう
帰る理由も無い もう二度と
「あと一つだけあるんだ 君に見せたいもの」

目を光らせたら 現実を捨てて手をつなぎ 眠った
「あと少しだけ先だよ 出口が見えるのは」
理性は僕らから 背を向けた

感覚のない両手仰ぐ空 透明
開いて行った瞼の先には 幻灯の交差

何も無い世界で微笑んだ 彼女はどうして 心を捨てたのか
僕たちはもう戻れない 帰れない
さよならを言った 手のなる方へ
気ままな神様へ さよならを言った

世界は落ちるのだ 宛ても無く 遥か遠くへ
僕らは果てるのさ その中でまた思う

終わりとは 始まりとは 欺瞞とは 信頼とは
故郷とは 存在とは 不確かだ そんなものをただ捨てたって


モノクロの旧都に佇んだ 彼女がどうして 心を捨てたのか
僕の声はもう聴こえない 足下は崩れていくんだ
産まれては苦悩を繰り返す 一人の少女は 終わりを告げたのだ
何一つ思い出せなくなる前に さよならを言った 手のなる方へ
気ままな神様へ さよならを言った

If I could tell someone
There is no reason I must come back here
I will never come back
‘There’s one more thing that I want to show you’
The voice called the death of the long season

‘I will take you somewhere you’ve never been’
She said with a smile
Her eyes glowed
I let the reality go and took her hand
Then I fell asleep
‘Just a little further, then you could see the exit’
The sense were gone from us

My arms felt nothing but blank air
As I opened my eyes
Dim images crossed

She grinned in the world of emptiness
Why did she let her feelings go?
We can never return, never go home
I said goodbye
To where the sound calls
To the capricious God
Goodbye, I said

The world falls
It has no end
It falls somewhere far
We’re done
I thought

Ending, beginning, deception, reliance, home, existence
They are all unreal, so I just threw them away

I waited for the train without destination
Nobody was there in the waiting room
You smiled and got on the train
Somehow I couldn’t see her
I understood something

The girl who stood alone in the monochrome city
Why did she let her feelings go?
I can’t hear my voice
The ground was no longer there
In the midst of repetition of suffering
The girl wanted her end
Before I forget everything
I said goodbye
To where the sound calls
To the capricious God
Goodbye, I said


released March 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Lost in the Fog Japan

Lost in the Fog are a Japanese rock band formed in 2012.

Vo : Nene Solano
Gt : Kouki Matsumoto
Gt : Yuni Minami
Ba : Koh Nakamura
Dr : Yuki "BIRD" Torii

June 12, 2012, announced a free download single “Ghost Ship / Suicide Parade”.

March 25, 2013, release first mini album “The Grave Of Einzvach”.

November 2, 2013 , release new EP "Angst".
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