Suicide Parade -Acoustic version-

by Lost in the Fog

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【Suicide Parade】

絡まった声 僕の欠片
針が止まる時計 息は白くなった

そして僕は夢の中を 夢の中を彷徨うのさ
色もなくて 終わりもなくて 始まりもない

記憶のない歌 引き摺る(ひきずる)歌
綻んだ(ほころんだ)歌 終わりの歌

浮かんだまま浮かべたまま どこへ向かい消えてゆくのか
その向こうは何かあるのか 僕で居られる場所なのか

さよなら さよなら世界の色彩よ
ただ振りほどいただけの事さ 自分を
足並みそろえて辿ろう 終わりを 未来を 遠い冬を

また いつか

散らかしたまま 日々の欠片
針のない時計 息は消えていった


さよなら さよなら世界の色彩よ
ただ振りほどいただけの事さ 自分を

何もない世界に残ったパレード 孤独なこのパレードを続けるのさ


【Suicide Parade-English translation-】

The bundle of voices
Pieces of me
The clock and the immovable hand
The breathe turned white

I got lost, lost in a dream
No color
No ending
No beginning

The song that has no memory
The song that drags
The song that is loose
The song of ‘The End’

As it fly and wander
Where does it go?
Will it disappear?
Does anything exist beyond the end?
I wonder if I could be there

Goodbye, goodbye
Colors of world
I just let myself go, that’s all
Let’s stride together
To the end
To the future
To the faraway winter

Until next time

The pieces of days were left scattered
The clock without its hand
The breath was gone

Into the dream
Into the dream
Into the dream
I am swarmed by it
So that I could be here and smile again

Goodbye, goodbye
Colors of world
I just let myself go, that’s all
The scenery of the ending we reached
Just loneliness existed and nobody was to be found
It never changed even if time passed

A parade marched in the world of emptiness
It continues its lonely march without audience

It just continues its march


released November 19, 2013
Photo by Keoni Cabral
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Lost in the Fog Japan

Lost in the Fog are a Japanese rock band formed in 2012.

Vo : Nene Solano
Gt : Kouki Matsumoto
Gt : Yuni Minami
Ba : Koh Nakamura
Dr : Yuki "BIRD" Torii

June 12, 2012, announced a free download single “Ghost Ship / Suicide Parade”.

March 25, 2013, release first mini album “The Grave Of Einzvach”.

November 2, 2013 , release new EP "Angst".
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